Everything You Want to Know About All-Natural Skin Care Products – The Financial Mag

With people becoming more and more aware of their health, and also of the well-being of the environment, many companies have jumped on the bandwagon to provide what they consider absolutely natural skin care products, such as clean and organic skin care, shampoo, and other products. The goal here is to meet consumer expectations for … Read more

Emerging market risks that business people should pay attention to in 2018 – The Financial Mag

If there is one thing that has been consistent throughout history, it is the volatility of markets. Historically, the successes and failures of markets and economies have always depended on global events and headlines. Two months after 2018, there are worries about what the global market will look like in the next 10 months. And … Read more

Are Real Estate Investments A Myth? – The Financial Mag

Investing in a primary residence is perhaps the best decision anyone can make to secure their financial future. Problems begin when people begin considering investments in second homes as vacation houses, rental properties, commercial properties, Etc. Some even invest in vacant land hoping for potential appreciation and begin playing an entirely new game. The returns … Read more