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RiRi or Rihanna is hailed as the best queen in the music industry. With a net worth of $ 600 million, she is the richest female musician of the decade. In addition to the wealth gained from her music, income also flows from various partnerships with fashion companies and from Fenty Beauty, her own line of beautiful products.. Launching her career at 15, Rihanna’s songs regularly top the charts over the years and her world tours bring a lot of wealth for the talented singer. Her huge fan base is incredibly loyal to Rihanna, and has led to phenomenal sales of beautiful products. After a deal with LVMH, a world-famous fashion house, Rihanna rules the world. So, what will the richest female musician do now with her time and money? Here are some answers for you!


While cooking at home is almost a necessity for a few people, Rihanna has a private cook who charges $ 800 a day to cook for her. As a celebrity, a lot of daily entertainment is needed and having a chef to create delicious dishes for her and her guests is certainly very convenient. Her private chef Debbie Soloman got the job while employed at the Sunset Marquis Hotel. Upon receiving a day off from someone who was reading a thank you blog about her cooking style, she was asked to deliver food to a specific location. The requests only continued to appear until she finally discovered that it was the sensational Rihanna who kept asking for her culinary offerings. She was soon appointed as her chef.

Owning more than one beach home

A huge beach villa in her native Barbados has been Rihanna’s home since 2013, which she bought for $ 22 million. In addition, she owns real estate throughout the United States and elsewhere. Her luxurious home at One Sandy Lane resort in Barbados house spreads over 10,000 square feet of living space and is a short walk from the beach.


So how is it necessary to look like Rihanna? Apparently, about $ 38,000 a month. Her personal dermatologist reportedly receives about $ 6,800 a week for necessary services, while she has her own tanner, who receives about $ 550 a day. For her treasures, she spends about $ 1,800, and that’s a daily figure! She is said to be calling her experience eyelashes and her eyelashes need some doing when she leaves her house until 11pm!

Owning luxury cars

A huge net worth enables Rihanna to park several sports cars in her garage including the $ 160K Porsche 997 turbo, which requires $ 2,700 for annual insurance. As she is often seen in this car, this must be Rihanna’s favorite ride. She also owns a Porsche 911 and she can only add to the collection.


In 2011, Rihanna paid good money to rent a yacht, paying $ 300,000 weekly to cruise across the Côte d’Azur and the luxury that a yacht provided was great. Since then, she has enjoyed several yacht parties and vacations that tempt us to take one too if it doesn’t bankrupt us.

As the richest female musician, everyone is curious about the future direction of her life. She is still very young and excited about ideas for the future. RiRi, all the best!

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