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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that about 600,000 people lost their jobs, bringing the country’s unemployment rate to an incredible 7.6 percent, the highest in 26 years. It is a big mistake to say that jobs are ‘scarce’ in large companies with layoffs and layoffs on the left, right and center.

For this reason, it is not surprising that all new graduates and more experienced workers struggle with teeth and nails to have less work in the labor market. Skills are developed to compete only for the most dangerous positions, and many people are necessarily highly skilled.

This period of the country’s history is connected with the survival of the most suitable. Here are some tips to help you compete and stay ahead in the job market:

Re-invent the CV.

If you are a recent graduate, your translation should include details of your education and training, work experience, skills, and of course, basic personal and contact information. On the other hand, if you suddenly find yourself unemployed and in the job market again, take the time to go back and update your CV. Add any new skills and education you have gained from your previous position and show them off nicely.

Write a killer cover letter.

Imagine yourself as a beautiful, juicy steak. If you go into a dirty dish, who will eat you? Your cover letter is, in fact, a serving dish. Includes a brief introduction to your experience, skills and education. Suffice it to say that you have the first and most important presentation. After all, they are right: “first impressions remain in the end.”

Throw yourself in for 30 seconds or less.

In any job interview, you are actually selling yourself. Therefore, you will need an initial “pitch” that makes the interviewer want to know more about you. This is known as an elevator platform, because ideally it should not take longer than a short elevator ride to deliver. This example should highlight your best practices, education, and skills. The real challenge is to make it short and sweet, ideally just 30 seconds or less.

Continue your education.

If you want to promote your application in the existing job market, why not add your credentials? The best way to do this is to continue your education. When you enroll in a master’s or doctoral program, you can either return to school or take online or home-based courses. This will help you build yourself as an authority in your field by making potential employers more attractive.

Develop your interpersonal skills.

Interviews are a way for employers to determine if you are the right person for the job, as well as to measure your interpersonal skills. You must not only be ready to answer the questions, but also be ready to ask your own questions. It shows your passion for the job and you know what it takes.

Improve your skills.

Even if you are good at your job, there are probably people who are just as good. Therefore, it is a good idea to supplement your credentials with additional skills that are appropriate for him. Why not learn to drive a machine or be inexperienced in work-related software in general? Most likely, this knowledge will not go unnoticed.

Learn a new language.

Many companies are globalizing; that is, it enters the international market and expands. Ideal for those who need good people to learn a foreign language, manage international relations and operations. You can see why you work in some exotic country!

Get a business card.

The business card symbolizes authority and professionalism. You can be in the middle of work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have both. With your business card, you pack yourself as a specialist and make it easier for future employers to contact you.

Expand your network.

Make yourself visible by networking. Attend conferences, conventions and job fairs to provide yourself with job opportunities, as well as be aware of current trends in your industry and around you. Distribute your business cards to everyone you know. The doors that will start to open for you will surprise you.

Go online.

Online job engines are new ads, so imagine the number of employers posting job ads on these sites. It is a good practice to subscribe to sites like, and to name a few. Search for daily job postings and send your CV to the jobs you are interested in. After all, opportunities will only open up to you if you do something sad.

The current economic downturn is really low (sorry for the word you used) and you are even more likely to lose your job. Even if you want to enter the first hole you see and stay there until the kingdom arrives, this is not really possible.

Remember that the reason for the price of your work was the recession and the decline of the labor market, and this is by no means an attack on your personality. You have not lost your skills, and this will not waste your knowledge and education. So put yourself there and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Who knows? You can do better than the job you lost in the first place.

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