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One of the most common problems faced by entrepreneurs and marketers today is the question: “How to build a truly innovative solution or increase service?”

Many who practice and understand the idea of ​​”being different or dying” believe that innovation is synonymous with invention, and that we must develop a radically new product, solution, or service in order to be guaranteed success.

The ability to adapt to consumer behavior and new technologies, while maintaining a strong customer focus, is essential for great marketing. Creating high-quality customer service means giving consumers something they didn’t think or want before they saw it. Marketing forms the concept of “I want”.

If you look at some of the most successful marketing advances, we see that brands and, of course, their entrepreneurs have not come up with anything new. Most likely, they introduced to the market something that made people rethink commonly accepted substances and norms, which helped or helped to solve the problem and allowed to achieve the desired result quickly and unexpectedly. This is what contributes to marketing success.

By researching dictionaries, you can find a definition that exactly matches what some companies and market leaders do.

Re-invention to rediscover the invention by comparing existing inefficient solutions, technologies and solutions with the current tasks, behaviors, ways of consumption of consumers, to rethink, to create a solution to the consumer problem.

IKEA did not reveal anything new

What is the success of IKEA? The company offered to optimize everything, including the cost optimization of everything related to interior design, material selection, furniture production and purchase.

If you have a standard and optimal place, you should go to IKEA, there are really cheap bases. The Swedish giant’s stores, which offer flat packaging, are optimal for loading into small cars, and the optimal design allows you to save on assembly.

Do you understand that this company, which is a leader in home goods, did not invent furniture? He is not even a trend designer or world-class interior designer.

Ferrero Chocolate Eggs

Michele Ferrero, the founder of the chocolate and confectionery mega brand Ferrero, seems to understand that every new product and every new marketing idea should logically evolve from previous ideas.

“Do you know why kids love Easter eggs so much? Because there are surprises inside… Do you know what we do? Let’s celebrate and give them Easter eggs every day,” says Michele Ferrero. Do you understand why people love adults now, chocolate with different fillings? Starting with the product released in 1974, Ferrero has sold nearly 30 billion Kinder Surprise eggs worldwide.

This product line was also created as a result of relying on the idea of ​​tracking consumers and rethinking the best way available.

Hotmail mail

In the customer’s office, two Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith entrepreneurs encountered a firewall that did not allow access to their email accounts. So instead of rediscovering a new way of communicating, they reconsidered how they received email by creating browser-based mail support over the Internet protocol. Mail via browser allows you to access your mail account from any computer in the world through any browser. It should be noted that heOn the eve of 1997, Microsoft bought Hotmail for $ 400 million.

Pizza delivery

Domino, of course, did not invent pizza, but redefined the place where he consumed it – pizza quickly became popular at home, not in a restaurant. Domino was the first company to reshape the principle of consumption and invest in the creation of a pizza delivery platform. The company’s current revenue is $ 33 billion.

Do you know why we decided to bring these examples? First, they come from completely different markets. Second, in these cases, the invention does not apply to the product itself and its quality or related service. When everything around a product is perceived by the consumer, it is a complex marketing when it can become a source of value for him and mature to rethink in the minds of authors who understand their market, customers and market realities.

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