Is the Uber IPO a windfall for its celebrity fans? Think of Beyoncé, Kutcher and Paltrow! – The Financial Power

The investment of actor Ashton Kutcher in Uber has made him one of the biggest known investors. The star, and music manager Guy Oseary, invested $ 500,000 in Uber, starting in one of its first rounds. Kutcher’s bet helped make him a starting star. But Kutcher was not the only big name to invest in Uber’s business, a gathering of Hollywood and technology that co-founder Travis Kalanick pursued after unusual sources of capital and the cultural influence that would follow. A-listers such as Oliva Munn, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z have confirmed that they have invested in Uber, and join celebrities such as Beyoncé and Jared Leto with Leonardo DiCaprio, whose bets will bear fruit once Uber starts trading in one of the largest technological IPOs in history.

So, who’s set on it?

Some big names are raving about big returns. Cyclist Lance Armstrong, who paid millions to resolve legal issues related to the use of performance-enhancing drugs, said it saved his family. Armstrong was one of the few well-known investors like Kutcher who invested in the Smallcase Capital fund run by billionaire Chris Sacca. Sacca, who moved to Hollywood and appeared as a judge Shark tank, was once a good friend of Travis Kalanick, co-founder of Uber, and invested in his first round of funding and many rounds thereafter. Armstrong allegedly invested $ 100,000 in Sacca’s fund in 2009, but declined to say how much. Experts estimate that a $ 100,000 investment could easily have rewarded him with about $ 20 million, but Armstrong declined to comment.

Others were also early investors, such as Jay-Z and music mogul Jay Brown, who invested in Uber’s Series A deal in early 2011. Uber has just been operating in San Francisco and the company has a value of $ 60 million. Depending on investor demand and Uber’s IPO prices, the valuation could reach $ 86 billion. Most celebrities invest after Uber’s next round of financing in 2011.

Try to grow their money

One major investor with a strong bond with Hollywood introduced people, like Munn, to the business. Kalanick, who was Uber CEO at the time, met with Munn and decided she was “legal”. The actress is also investing in other Uber-like businesses, such as Wag, a dog rental business. Munn did not name the extent of her share, but regrets not investing more. Others like agent Ari Emanuel, actor Edward Norton and Lawrence Bender, the producer of Kill Bill, if Uber investors were brought in.

It was not just about investing. In 2015, Kalanick even had Beyoncé perform at Uber’s Las Vegas event, with a limited stock of $ 6 million to pay her. Beyoncé did not respond to a request for comment, but her 2018 song “Apesh * t” with Jay-Z possibly refers to the Uber payout with a line that says “pay me in equity, watch me out of the debt return. ” The fact that fans of the A-list spotted the appeal for a car with black cars and on demand, of course, helped. The idea of ​​ordering a limousine and having it at your fingertips got some early investors back from the deal. The early insight turned into a powerful investing position on the day of one of the biggest technological IPOs. Ashton mentioned this early on, as Uber did not actually adopt the taxi companies, but adopted the idea of ​​owning a car. It was crazy and therefore it retained its speed and potential.

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