Kylie and Anti -Snapchat Tweet Shows Stars Can Affect Stocks – for better or worse – The Financial Mag

The stock market is playing an increasingly important role in the growth of social media and popular activities. Celebrity approvals are now used to manipulate stock markets and are the most popular as effective marketing tools. By creating a popular new consumer interest, it can attract new users or revive a product that has lost market share. A real celebrity increases brand investment and recognition, quickly increases brand trust by placing a brand, influences consumers’ attitude towards the brand, and also increases brand recognition. Abnormal earnings of the stock market can be caused by the positive or negative impact of a celebrity.

Celebrity experience, attractiveness, familiarity, perceived reliability and similarity are the features that attract consumers. Due to their apparent attractiveness, exposure, and similarity, dating is a very effective feature for young people who make up Snapchat’s target user market. Young consumers are encouraged to buy a branded product if it is approved by an attractive person of similar age.

Do celebrities go for a walk?

The influence of celebrities can be improved by matching a celebrity to an approved product. Confirmation of conformity has a positive effect on the brand’s recall rate, focuses on the brand and improves a positive attitude towards advertising. Sports consumers show a positive attitude when athletes support sports brands rather than non-sports products. Studies show that conformity assertions often generate abnormal stock returns. Consumers prefer someone with relevant product experience to confirm quality, rather than a famous actor / sports star. It is more appropriate for health professionals or doctors to approve health supplements or medical products. Technicians should preferably prefer high-tech products.

Expensive celebrities worth spending

Investors invest in companies that have an excellent reputation as an expensive celebrity, use famous people in the right profession, and show the financial ability of a company. Stock exchanges respond positively to celebrity approval, forcing companies to hire Hollywood stars despite high approval fees. Cadillac paid actor Brad Pitt $ 3 million for his promotional work. China’s mobile company OPPO made the payment Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio is worth about $ 5 million to promote his products. The average approval fee for Kung Fu star Jackie Chan is $ 2.5 million. Many firms tend to choose a particular celebrity based on their fame and popularity ratings for many products and endorsements. Numerous such claims are known in the industry as vamping, misleading consumers, and in many cases the opposite, leading to a serious loss of confidence in celebrities. There are other ways in which the public loses the trust of a celebrity.

Celebs is a turning point in high technology

Stock exchanges for high-tech firms have a negative impact on the approval of celebrities for high-tech products. Investors think that celeb approvals are just a market tool to promote the brand and attract the attention of consumers. Celebrities are motivated by an approval fee or commission without understanding the features / functions of the product, except to spout as instructed. Investors are cautious and cautious about celebrity approvals. The book’s listed book value plays an important role in abnormal shareholder income because it reflects the company’s financial position. If the listed value is too low, investors perceive it as a high-risk investment, despite the approval of celebrities. A popular element for firms with low financial value is the loss of share capital and can result in financial losses, but for a firm with a sound financial position, the approval of celebrities can generate positive abnormal stock returns.

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