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With their first baby already born, the Duchess of Sussex is now busy preparing for the next chapter in their lives, having moved into their new family home in Windsor. And although the royal couple got used to married life in London, the couple made a truly monumental decision to educate their child, just over 100 miles away from the city.

It was announced in December 2018 that Prince Harry and Meghan will be moving to Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate just before the arrival of their firstborn child. Harry and Meghan’s new home has a special charm for the couple, who face the stunning grounds of their grand wedding, the Frogmore House, located in Windsor’s private Home Park. What are the fun activities that the Royal Couple and their children will enjoy as a family? See our list below for suggestions:

Windsor Castle

Most importantly, Prince Harry and Meghan will make fully accessible trips to all the rooms in Windsor Castle. Their future children will no doubt enjoy learning much more about the great Castle, its long history and its magnificent treasures. They will have access to all the State Residences, including the Green Room, which was used as a backdrop for the couple’s official wedding photos.

Queen Mary’s Doll’s House

Officially, this is the largest Dollhouse in the world and comes with all the essential amenities like electric lights, elevators, floating vessels, as well as cold and hot water. This was built in the early 1920s, and the Dollhouse was a gift to Queen Mary for her amazing efforts in World War I. It is much more luxurious than many life-size homes.

Great Windsor Park

The park is perfect for long walks, family picnics, and is safe for horseback riding and biking. With over 4,800 acres to explore, children will be free to choose: a stroll along the Long Walk or amazing views of The Saville Garden or a play area on Obelisk Lawn. For something wild, they could visit the enclosed Deer Park, with over 500 deer roaming freely.


The Greenland Windsor Resort has been designed as a unique family park where children can enjoy a busy and fun day. There are more than 55 interactive rides, construction workshops, concert shows, sights and driving schools, and a total of an overwhelming 80 million LEGO bricks, all about 150 acres of amazing parkland.

The Etonous Treasure Trail

Cracking their doorstep, Prince Harry, Meghan and their children could take part in many exciting treasure hunts as they visit the Eton Treasure Hunt Trail. Filled with many hidden clues embedded in shields, statues and landmarks, this road is one of the outstanding ways to explore any historical site. It will certainly bring back good memories for Harry, who was a student at Eton College.

French Brothers Ltd.

This company, which has won several awards over the years, operates several river Thames boat excursions from Windsor, Maidenhead and Runnymede. During the boat excursion, guests can enjoy the glory of the majestic views of Windsor Castle, Mill House, Eton College, Brocas Meadows and Windsor Racecourse. What not to love about this spectacular extravaganza?

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