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Famous parents are not afraid of their parents because they have a lot of fans and followers who could learn a thing or two from them. In fact, they are very receptive to giving parental advice. It is very reassuring to note that celebrities must also address the questionable joys of parenting. From sleep routines, bathroom training disasters and crappy tricks that make bathing a pleasurable activity, they have it all, and have pretty good tips for sharing. Of course their huge bank accounts can allow them a nanny or two, but they like to be practical parents whenever they can. Here are some amazing famous parenting hacks you might want to try yourself.


Hilary Duff has learned the hard way that parents should always be prepared for all situations, especially when it comes to children. Her son, Luca, had a problematic diaper many years ago, but Hilary was ready with spare clothes for him, but changed for herself, she confessed. That caused a fragrant 1.5 hours on that plane. Her poor fellow passengers! Luca was good and clean and his mom was not. Since then, she has tucked a shirt into her purse. The struggle to stay always ready is really real, but she learned this hard.


Drew Barrymore helps her kids understand her travel schedule and her “away-from-home” days, whenever she travels for work, with a calendar. She found it difficult to explain to her children how long she would be away until she started using a calendar and many other hacks. She just hangs out those days with Sharpie when she’s away. As the days passed, her children were asked to draw an X and so they would know exactly how many days their mom would be back. She also used a map to show them where she was going, so they developed a greater geographical sense. Great hack for working moms, even those who don’t need to travel for work.


Although it may be unintentional, child actress Tamera advocates setting up a bedtime routine for the kids to ensure an easier night for everyone. If you want babies to sleep through the night, the main hurdle first is for them to actually sleep, and then keep that routine for consistency even as they get older. She also recommends investing in a sound calming machine, as children of all ages can use it. Her children Aden and Ariah did. Sound pacifiers provided subtle rhythmic background noises that made them feel calm and relaxed enough to sleep.


For their second child, Mila and Ashton bought a special crib that would enable Dimitri, their son, to sleep faster. After their daughter, Wyatt, gave them a hard time sleeping, they felt that a robot crib, Snoo, would definitely help with her son’s going to bed. Ashton said for their second child they were given the robot bed, which basically oscillates with a voice-activated sensor inserted and the louder a child cries, the more it oscillates and rocks the baby to sleep. It really is incredible and just right for those who can afford it.


Acting duo Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone, with two children together, say they make a “special bird” for their rendezvous nights, so they return home in time to put their children to bed. This is a great idea for anyone who doesn’t want to wake up tired the next morning, as parents need to wake up early to prepare breakfast for everyone, regardless of the earthquake events that took place last night.


This is just healthy common sense and not really a hack, but we need to hand it over to Mark Zuckerberg to share this good trick for the benefit of first time dads. Speaking of how quickly he changed his daughter’s diapers, Mark just shoves a new single-use diaper under the used one and he says he usually needs 20 seconds to change a diaper. Now that’s fast!

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