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For a celebrity in Hollywood, nothing too ordinary would do. Be it their way of life, their material possessions or their acting method. Obviously, it has its own advantages like having a million fans and a million dollars in a bank account. Often, while preparing for a role preparation can take a long time and it can be difficult to portray a certain character, but it’s worth it if you get a strong sum for it. While actors become powerful performers, it’s obvious to negotiate for certain things before signing a film. There have been many strange demands from our beloved celebrities, while some are touching, some of them are completely insane. Watch:

Will Smith and his Trailer

When Men In Black II released in 2010, it reached about $ 440 million. Now that’s for sure a huge amount, but during the film, producers had to fulfill the curious requirement of a Will Smith trailer. It’s very common for celebrities to have their own trailer, right? But this was something new because Will Smith, who is loved by everyone in Hollywood, wanted a $ 2 million trailer that had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a private cinema. Guessing by the profit generated by the first MIB film, the producers certainly happily fulfilled Will’s requirement.

Strange Partnership of Johnny Depp and Sound Engineer

In addition to acting, another big task for an actor is to memorize the lines, which can sometimes be difficult. But a movie has to be made! Shooting for pirates of the Caribbean Depp could not memorize lines. Now, he had to shoot but without lines it was not possible, so he got a creative idea. A sound engineer reportedly fed him lines through a headset. But with his brilliant acting skills, that was barely noticeable.

Whirlpool and Basketball Court by George Clooney

George Clooney is a big star and when you’re so hugely popular, people would kill to have you in their movie, even if that means they have to meet your weird demands. When George Clooney shot in Surrey, England, he claimed an entire beach house with a basketball court and hot tub. Obviously, he would want to relax after a long day of shooting and what could be better than this.

Robert Downey Jr. and His Suit

Well, who wouldn’t want to be a superhero and when you become Iron Man, it’s just amazing. Robert Downey Jr., who is a brilliant artist, played the character with such brilliance that it became extremely popular. Because of this he had to wear Strongman’s suit, which was quite heavy and he demanded that it be stopped. So the digital effects team took care of it and filmed a little bit of magic so he wouldn’t be weighed down. Well, that really qualifies as a fairly reasonable requirement. How do they act when they can’t move!

Little Living Bat by Nicolas Cage

Some actors are famous for trying to get the head of their character. Nicolas Cage is one of them. For portraying the character of a publishing executive who after being bitten by a bat began to believe he was becoming a vampire, Cage requested the use of a live bat for the scene. After much discussion with director Robert Bierman, he agreed to use animatronic. Talk about method performance!

Robin Williams and his Most Unusual Demand

After his death, there were many stories of his kindness and humane nature. For many Williams was an angel in disguise and for his producers, he had a strange clause in his contracts. Brian Lord, his agent, once said that the company hiring him for any event or film will have to hire a certain number of homeless people in order for them to get a job and raise some money. This certainly surpasses the list of heartbreaking stories about him.

Roger Moore, James Bond and Cigars

Sir Roger Moore played the iconic role of British secret agent James Bond. He made the character immortal and extremely popular, but in order to play that role, Sir Moore had a certain demand, which was quite reasonable, as he played James Bond. His demand was that there should be an unlimited supply of Montecristo cigars and the cost of enabling his wish would reportedly be in the thousands. Well, when you’re James Bond, you can have whatever you want.

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