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Talk about winning ugly. A pocket named Scamp the Tramp won the ugliest dog competition of 2019, held in Petaluma, California, at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, beating a large field of 18 four-legged contestants.

This was actually the fourth year the mute competed. His previous highest rank was in 2018 when he won the runner-up badge. Scamp is now the champion and Scramp owner Yvonne Morones from Sonoma prefecture couldn’t be more proud. So, what exactly enabled Scamp to become a championship caliber after failing to win the crown in his previous three attempts?

How Scamp Won!

Owner Morones feels the public knew him before when they saw his entire community volunteer work. Scamp certainly brought an outstanding resume to the contest. It included being a social therapy dog, and also representing the Sonoma County Human Society in a kiss booth at events, reading a dog for a first-class class, and greeting passengers at Sonoma County Airport, as reported by The New York Times. And while people are initially amazed by Scamp’s looks, Morones says much more goes for him and for her, he’s absolutely adorable. When people first meet him, their initial reaction is that he is scared, but then he wins them over with his sparkling personality!

Morones, who saved Scamp in 2014, is a fan of his unorthodox appearance. He is a completely Rastafarian dog with many different parts. She wrote on the fair’s website that Scamp was rescued as a stray on Compton Street and she adopted him from an animal shelter in Los Angeles. His black fur refused to grow and despite numerous visits to the nurse, the puppy’s hair only grew in gray rastafarian from his back to his tail. And even a plentiful hair conditioner couldn’t surpass his rastafian stuff! Surprisingly, this is a hat-trick, as Morones owned three dogs that first came in the world’s Worst Dog Championship, and her dog Nana has won the crown for 6 consecutive years, since 1996.

The Previous Champions

Zsa Zsa’s expansive demeanor, tongue hanging almost on the ground, and a toothed downpour, helped her beat 13 other puppies and win $ 1,500, a super-sized trophy and a trip to New York City for media appearances, during the 2018 Sonoma Marine Fair in Petaluma, California . The English Bulldog of Minnesota was actually a rescue born from a dog mill and discovered at, by owner Megan Brainard. In 2017, Martha, a gentle and flat weighing 125-pound Neapolitan Bulldog, won the award. She took home the first prize in 2017, when she apparently landed the judges, falling unexpectedly onto the stage as her performance continued. After the second position in 2015, the 17-year-old Chinese crested Sweepee Rambo, who, sadly died in October 2016, finally took the top prize with big ears, a milky right eye and a skinny body. But this year it was Scamp’s turn to win! For his efforts, he won $ 1,500, as well as equal donations for the Sonoma District Humanitarian Society, Angels Fund and Mercy Without Borders.

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