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Where to invest money in a crisis – every third person on earth asks this question, but not everyone finds an answer. In times of financial crisis, profitable investments are made only by professionals, that is, people who know the market and its laws. For us, ordinary people, it is better to keep your money to yourself during this period. But until the turning point has not come, we must ensure the safety of our resources. And know where they can be attached, not to lose during a crisis.

However, the crisis is not as terrible as it is portrayed, and should certainly not interfere with your efforts to earn by investing.

Just remember the basic rules to avoid investment mistakes:

– Look for tools that are least affected by inflation;

– It is better not to choose a too risky business, which yields a stable profit, than to pursue a big dream: adventurous transactions, even if it promises a big profit in case of luck;

– Choose tools that will always be in demand, regardless of the economic situation, the country of your place of residence, etc.

You need to invest in something that you can always sell and earn on it.

If you follow the above rules, it is best to invest in:


Purchasing precious metal products, souvenir coins, bank props, shares of gold mining companies is a lucrative investment, even in times of crisis.

Gold always grows in price, it can always be sold and get money, it can be safely hidden, even in times of terrible disasters.

No wonder the emigrants fled the 1917 revolution and took only jewels with them.


It is a slightly more risky goal to invest because it can suffer from military action or natural disasters. And yet the crisis is the most appropriate time to buy a property.

At this time, property prices are falling and becoming increasingly expensive after the crisis. You only need to consider the location of the property. Central and close to central parts will be more expensive.

Purchase of shares

Playing in the stock market at any time is a great way to make money if you have experience and of course have the knowledge. However, it must be remembered that unprepared newcomers have nothing to do here. If you do not know yourself how to trade stocks, you can hire a trader. But it is risky again, so you need to make sure that it is a reliable person who also has the necessary knowledge.

Mutual funds – by investing in investment funds, you trust that professionals have your money. With this tool you can, if not multiply, at least save money.

Objects of art and antiquities

After a crisis, such things always grow in value, while getting cheaper. To avoid fraud by dishonest sellers, find a good appraiser.


Yes, the unfavorable economic situation is an excellent time for education and self-development. When everything is over, you will be asked by a professional.

And remember the following commonly known ideas:

– On the stock exchange, bad and good times replace each other.

Each fall of the course will necessarily be followed by its growth. But it is often forgotten by the players of the stock market, so sometimes they run big losses. Never sell shares if they have dropped dramatically in value.

– If you want to make a big profit, you have to wait at least 2 to 5 years.

Only invest in the stocks in the stocks that you do not really need in the next 5 years. Because when the shares fall in price, just at the moment when you needed money and you decided to sell it. You will suffer a loss.

– Buy shares of 5 to 10 different companies (diversification).

Acquire shares of various companies to reduce risks. The loss of one of the shares is compensated by other assets. And buy no more than ten shares; you just will not have time to keep up with the whole situation. If your stock price drops, you still have no losses. You will suffer losses if you sell it at the moment. Likewise, with a profit. If the stock is growing, it does not mean that you are in a safe area. You will be safe if you sell it profitably.

– Buy shares in a crisis.

If you are planning to buy shares and it is a time of crisis, do not be afraid. In times of crisis, stock prices fall, so it makes sense to buy them during this period. But never buy shares at once for all the money you have!

-Rational basis for decision making and timing.

Learn about it as much as possible before you buy a company’s shares. Study the movement of the share price in the past and consider how it will move in the future.

And lastly, remember that stocks will always be more profitable than money! Inflation depresses money, but does not depreciate the stock. If you invest money in money, inflation can devalue it over time. Inflation, in other words, is an increase in value.

Equities are the right answer to the question: ‘Where to invest money in a crisis?’

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