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People have been investing their hard-earned money in real estate, stocks and even gold for years, but investing in veteran cars has been a trend that has slowly taken its place. The main reason for this enthusiasm is that the collection of veteran cars is an asset, and people can not think wrong when they think so. A market research study showed that wine investors achieved 3% returns over 12 months, while watches followed with a return of 4%. But the best investment gave its investors a 28% return, and those were investments in classic cars. There was a big jump in the car market and at auctions cars were sold for millions. According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, owning classic cars has excellent art, wine and coins, which have been considered major investments. Here are some old cars you can invest in:

Porsche Boxster 986

The model was introduced in 1996 and the original model is now considered a classic. Thanks to its energetic engines and dynamic handling, it is a fun car. But before you buy this beauty, a thorough inspection is recommended as their engines can sometimes cause a problem. It is always recommended to choose faster units of 2.7 or 3.2 liters, and the best are silver, gray or black paint. Porsche in itself is a highly valued brand, and if you buy a car with low mileage and maintain it well, you can get lucrative returns.

Bugatti EB 110

This car from the 90s can prove the best investment for you. The mid-engine car has various features such as four-wheel drive system, carbon fiber chassis and active aerodynamics for better handling. There is a history of the car’s name EB 110. It was revealed on the 110ste birthday of Ettore Bugatti who founded the business. It adds to its value and above all it was once part of Michael Schumacher’s car collection. What more would it need!

Aston Martin Vantage V8

Here’s a car now if you really want people around you burning with envy. Aston Martin V8 Vantage engine, nicknamed Britain’s muscle car, was first introduced in 1977 and was known for its top speed of 170 km / h. In addition, the car was full of features such as high-performance cams, larger carburetors and larger inlet valves that all increased performance. A convertible version of this car was also manufactured between 1986 and 1989 with the name Vanftage Volante, but only a few models were made and that makes it the most popular car. Do you want to add value to his style? Here’s a fact: the car was used in the James Bond movie The living daylight. What else could be a better investment than investing in a Bond car.

Porsche 993 GT2

The Porsche 993 GT2, called “The Purists’ Holy Grail”, is a successor model to the Porsche 911. Even by modern standards, the car’s performance has made it one of the most popular cars, with elegance and muscle in one package. The production of this car was a breakthrough in many aspects, such as the first time a six-speed transmission was a feature, and the design of the car was made to offer a nice car with excellent performance. Those who invested in this car a few years ago are now making millions of money from it.

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